Keynote Speaker, 2020

Mechanical Engineering:

Creating tools and technology to solve problems and move us into the future.

Rachel Modzelewski is a mechanical engineer, graduating from Russ College of Engineering at Ohio University on May 9, 2020. Mechanical engineering focuses on the study of motion which applies to many items we use today such as cars, trains, and even household items like vacuums. While mechanical engineers often work with motion their main purpose is to solve problems which is why Rachel has worked on a variety of issues such as fixing computers and treating water that is used to heat or cool university buildings.

Over the past year, Rachel has led a team to design a Green Roof Model System that will be used in schools throughout the area. Green roofs are rooftops that have been planted with vegetation like flowers and grasses. This benefits the environment by preventing flooding, cleaning rainwater before it leaves the rooftop, insulating buildings in the winter, cooling the building and surrounding area in the summer and supporting other living organisms. The green roof models were designed to help middle and high school students compare planted and unplanted rooftops on a small scale. This will help students understand how green roofs benefit society and the environment. Rachel and her team thought about what the students needed to conduct science experiments, what would work in the classroom and how to make the models safe for everyone to use. She will talk about this exciting project and the other ways that mechanical engineers aid in creating a better world for us all.

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